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"I must have been really drunk to let you convince me to sleep with you. God damn it, this never happened, understand?"

Talon propped his head up on one hand and lay on his side, looking at Vlad. “If that’s what you want darling. But you were as into it as I was.” The assassin chuckled softly before rolling over and sitting up, to get his clothing on. He knew when he wasn’t wanted to for another round.

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+ When they were little {Close RP with ask-shen-eye-of-the-twilight}

The first day of his travels, Talon managed to secure passage on a ship that took him to Ionia. Once there, in a port town, he listened carefully to what was sait around him. He didn’t want to get lost even if he was on an island. There was too much at stake. He was so tired of being alone that he couldn’t stay in the Streets of Noxus anymore. And he had just gotten to Ionia, and didn’t want to get sent back. He didn’t have much, but what he had was enough for him. A small knife, a smaller blanket, no extra clothes, and a small amount of money that was quickly gone on food. 

The boots on his feet were well worn, and much too small for him. But any money he obtained went to food, and not shoes. He couldn’t waste food money on footware. The later in life assassin moved through the streets heading for the largest Temple. That was what someone said a shipment of metal was heading to. Maybe he could find a friend. But instead, he found open gates that he was too afraid to enter. What if they found out he was Noxian? His red eyes were almost a dead give a way. He could pretend to be blind, but what would the temple want with a blind boy? No one in Noxus would want anything to do with a blind boy. 

So instead, he stashed his extra things in a small knot in a tree, and climbed up into the trees and hid. He watched, remembering his lessons from the streets. The more you knew the less likely you were to end up dead. The man that had told Talon that had wound up dead the next night by his best friend who had been sleeping with his wife. And so Talon watched and learned. There was a couple boys around his age there, and they were all training together, except for one. He was always off to the side, learning something different from the other boys. Name and words were said that Talon couldn’t understand. 

The boy’s literacy level and understanding capacity was rather small, and so most names didn’t make sense to him and sounded like gibberish. It also made it hard for him to communicate with people. But he would repeat them till he got it right, and he learned rather quickly. Night fell quickly, and Talon got down to collect his things before climbing back up and getting comfortable in the tree, wrapped up in his blanket. Morning came slowly and Talon was met with the sun. 

The boy smiled softly and stretched, ready for the day to find a better place to live. But if he was going to do that he needed to get clean. He could remember a stream a ways back that would serve his purposes. He got down from the tree and headed back in that direction. When he found a good spot, he stripped down and washed his clothes, keeping his knife close. A quick smell of his blanket showed that it could also use a wash, and so he did that as well. Throwing his clothes and blanket up on a few branches, he started to wash himself. 

Finally clean, Talon laid out on a rock, and munched slowly on some of he cheese he had bought. He’d have to go back to that town and steal some money to buy food or steal with food without to worry about it. But that was later. He had enough to last him a couple days, since he saw a few fruit tress around. The boy felt the rumbling in his stomach and knew he actually did want some of that fruit. So he grabbed a hold of his clothing and got dressed in the semi damp clothing, before stashing his blanket away, and heading towards the orchards. 

Except he never made it there. As he passed a clearing, two people were entering it, and Talon hid in the bushes, watching them. It was the boy who was receiving special treatment, and always away from the others… Sen…Shang….Shen! He could remember the boy’s name, but not his companion’s. And the beating that followed, which Talon was sure was merely combat practice, since he had seen something the same in Noxus, was brutal But the ninja boy never cried out. 

Red eyes peered at the ninjas as they talked, and he didn’t move a muscle from his spot in the bushes. The boy sat down, and started to meditate. But soon his yellow eyes were looking right at him, and Talon’s breath drew in, and he froze. Had he been spotted?




[10:59:39 PM] Jayce: FUCK
[10:59:50 PM] Jayce: its clearly a fashion statement there
[11:00:53 PM] Shenmun DokiDoki: oh my god
[11:01:19 PM] Jayce: come shen join the white haired ionian club
[11:01:21 PM] Jayce: we have cookies
[11:01:28 PM] Jayce: and potentially angst
[11:01:30 PM] Jayce: mostly angst
[11:01:38 PM] Shenmun DokiDoki: fine
[11:01:49 PM] Jayce: yaaay
[11:01:55 PM] Jayce: Jayce hands pamphlet and a cookie
[11:02:31 PM] Shenmun DokiDoki: this next drawingI
[11:02:34 PM] Shenmun DokiDoki: dedicate to you
[11:02:38 PM] Jayce: omg


[11:20:48 PM] Shenmun DokiDoki: where are my damn cookies


"That depends, Ninja. How bad do you want them?"

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When she see tha D

When You see her see the D

well that escalated quickly…
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+ Cloud 9 Hunnie Bunnyz







It’s all the cuties in bunny ears holy shit guys

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//all i want out of this blog is another zed who will do zed/zed shadow with me is that too much too ask for//

obscuram-ens <—- TALK TO HIM. I WANT TO READ THIS.

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Tag, I’m It

"You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs in a NEW POST and pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.”

Stolen from: ask-shen-eye-of-twilight

  1. My Derailment - Adelita’s Way
  2. Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Best Woman Wins - Lorrie Morgan
  4. Trouble - Never Shout Never
  5. Fly on the Wall - Thousand Foot Krutch
  6. Trouble - Pink
  7. Pressure - Paramore
  8. Gentleman - Psy (I forgot I had this.)
  9. The riddle - Gigi D’Agostino (Curse you OSU!)
  10. Hungry Eyes - Dirty Dancing
  11. One - Metallica
  12. I love it - Icona Pop
  13. Javert’s Arrest - Les Miserables
  14. I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and all I got was this stupid Song - Fall Out Boy
  15. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynrd
  16. The simple plot of Final Fantasy 7 - Starbomb
  17. Tango de Roxanne - Moulin Rouge
  18. And Still - Reba McEntire
  19. Total eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
  20. Roxie - Chicago

I tag… anyone who wants to do this <__>

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You’re an awesome Diana, and a great writer. I hope you have a great evening, and rest of your week!!! (#13 prompt for the thing I reblogged)


And bonus!

I love your talon for their reactions and the mutual hate we share for Ezreal IC, but the love we share for the Mun of prodigal-ezreal.


+ Pick your poison…


scroll over one and do what it tells you—

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