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Unless specified, all ships operate under their own reality, to make it less confusing for story lines.

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**Additional note: I have permission to use Runescratch's Crimson Elite Talon picture for my muse. I asked. :D**

Look at that… she thinks she’s people

stackingthedeck, on the Morgana clearing his wards (via obscuram-ens)
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+ PSA - Coming back

//Hey guys. Looks like my activity was short lived. My cousin passed away yesterday, and school’s nearly done, and I still don’t have a job. I’m working on everything else, and I’m just running out of time that I have to put aside for my team too. I promise once I get things under control I will be back and sending out prompts to get some friendships going again for Crim. Please be patient, shouldn’t be any longer then three weeks at the most.

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Let’s be friends!
+ crimsonpantstalon


"Oh, I did not expect you to be here." A short pause as she eyed the man up and down, almost expecting an attack. "I suppose that if you aren’t here to kill me, we can be friends."


"It would only be on the fields my dear, as I am not of the sort to just rampage about killing people all willy nilly." He said with a smile, and a small bow, with his arms out to the side. "How are you this fine evening my lady Ashe?"

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Talon smirked softly and gave a short laugh. “The chicken seemed rather good. I did choose it as well.” He escorted her into the dining room, and pulled out the chair next to his. After making sure she was seated, he sat himself, and gestured for the house white wine that would be served with the meal, exactly as he had stated earlier. 

"I promise you’ll enjoy this wine, though you enjoy a red." He said with a small smile at her, as he leaned in and whispered that in her ear. Being that close, he quickly kissed her neck, before pulling back as the servant brought their wine over.

Dammit…. Just as her blush was beginning to fade, she felt his lips at her neck. This was starting to irritate her…. Just what was he trying to do here….? She nodded still however with as calm of a smile as before when he leaned away again.

"I only ever really drink either red wine or rum." She chuckled. "Though I am more than happy to try this one if you flatter it so."

After their glasses were poured and the waiter stepped away again, Evelynn picked up her glass, swirling around the booze as she leaned in towards Talon again, eyes narrowing slightly.

"Just what are all these nips and kisses for anyways, dear?" She smirked, leaning back then and crossing one leg slowly over the other as she pressed her full lips against the rim of her glass, teasing a small sip there. "Are you trying to flirt with me~?”

Talon saw her narrowing eyes and thought for a moment he had pushed his bounds too much. Then she asked if he was trying to flirt with her, and he smiled softly. “Is there a problem with that my dear lady?” He asked as he sipped the wine in his glass. His arm was across the back of her chair, and anyone looking at the pair would believe them a couple.

"Come now Evelyn, don’t tell me that no man ever flirts with you this way." He teased softly, raising an eyebrow at her. The servants serving the meal brought out the main course, and set a plate down in front of everyone. Talon leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Shall I feed you from my plate dear?"

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+ Time for ships!


Send me one of these if you ship our muses this way:

  • "Let’s be friends!" for a friendSHIP
  • "Sup Brother?" for a broSHIP
  • "Hi sis!" for a sisSHIP
  • "I like you" for a relationship (A.K.A, dating)
  • "I love you" for a marriage
  • "Nice ass" for a crack ship


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Solo queue - Silver ELO →

//Streaming some solo queue for the next few hours

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+ My 300 Follower drabble/short story contest!



I have little words to add to how happy I am that so many people are interested in even following me, I appreciate each and every one of you, you should truly know that!

But I have nothing to offer other than my shitty writing, I would have done far more if I had the economy and the skills to do so.

But here will be a contest, I will do one since so many are willing to read what I have to write.

The contest will have three winners, like most giveaways and other contests.

1st Place: Will get a short story on 2500-3000 words, if not more. Depending on what the winner wants written. The winner muse and/or involving my own, your choosing.

2nd AND 3rd place: Will get a shorter drabble about anything of their choosing involving their muse. 

Short set of rules: 

I do not have the knowledge to write to many fandoms but there a few I can do. Oc’s will be a lot harder to write, so I will need to discuss with the winner if they are of that origin.

Fandoms I can write: Mass Effect, League Of Legends, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls Skyrim. 

This is my first contest ever, so bear it in mind that I have little to no experience with this!

One reblog and one like, as the standard rules for most contest.

Winners will be drawn on the 25th of April.

( Wantt to joinnn? I do haha :D )

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